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Going to school is hard enough these days - let alone trying to do it without the necessary reading and skills that are necessary to be successful in class.  

When students fall behind as the rest of the class moves on to more advanced work, there is often little opportunity for them to catch back up. Too easily it can become a vicious circle of failure and frustration and falling behind.
Fortunately, you have a place to turn to for that one-on-one extra help that today's harried teachers don't always have time for.  Another bonus is that we take into consideration the whole child and their personality as well as learning style(s). Your child is not seen as  just a "math ' or "reading " student.  So, if your elementary, middle or high student is having difficulty with , give us a call at 830-688-3989 or the form on the "Contact Us"  page.  

 *Instruction will be recommended based on the of the  diagnostic testing.